2006: Yomiuri first baseman Seung-yeop Lee slugs his 400th career pro homer, becoming only the third man ever to reach that number in his 20’s. The other two were Sadaharu Oh and Alex Rodriguez. 
2006: During a game with Nippon Ham, Orix third baseman Norihiro Nakamura bumps the umpire in disagreeing with a call and is ejected. He was later fined 50,000 yen and given a written reprimand. 
2002: Chunichi pitcher Kenshin Kawakami throws a no hitter against Yomiuri at Tokyo Dome. He misses a perfect game only because he walked one. He is the 81st person to deliver a no no in Japanese history.
1982: Yakult pitcher Satoshi Nishizaki is born. 
1980: Daiei pitcher Shinsuke Ogura is born. 
1978: Daiei outfielder Hisao Arakane is born. 
1972: Kintetsu infielder Freddy Garcia is born. 
1971: Yakult pitcher Travis Driskill is born. 
1969: Chunichi pitcher Kevin Jarvis is born. 
1968: Orix pitcher Shigetoshi Hasegawa is born.
1962: Chunichi pitcher Scott Anderson is born. 
1960: Hiroshima pitcher Tsunemi Tsuda is born. 
1956: Yakult pitcher Yukio Takemoto is born. 
1955: Nippon Ham and Hanshin infielder Hideo Furuya is born. 
1951: Shochiku outfielder Yoshiyuki Iwamoto drills four homers at Shinshu Ueda Stadium to set a Japan record. He also had a double for a total of 18 bases, also a record. In addition, the Robins clout a total of nine homers, also a new Japan and Central League record. 
1947: Nishitetsu infielder Tony Muser is born. 
1947: Nishitetsu pitcher Kenji Toyoda is born. 
1947: Chunichi pitcher Takamori Toyonaga is born.
1945: Taiheiyo Club, Nippon Hama and Hanshin outfielder Masayoshi Higashida is born. 
1945: Kintetsu infielder Toru Ogawa is born. 
1938: Nishitetsu outfielder Yoshio Sato is born. 
1938: Taiyo infielder Masaru Ota is born. 
1935: Hanshin pitcher Itsuto Miyazaki is born. 
1934: Kintetsu infielder Tenji Shiomura is born.
1933: Daimai and Kokutetsu outfielder Hideyuki Suzuki is born.
1933: Kokutetsu and Yomiuri pitcher Masaichi Kaneda is born. 
1933: Osaka Tigers infielder Koichi Kano is born. 
1926: Chunichi, Kokutetsu and Kintetsu outfielder Satoru Sugiyama is born. 


1980: Yakult pitcher Shiroku Ishido dies at age 39. 
1980: Hiroshima outfielder Isamu Teramoto dies at age 35.
1975: Yomiuri infielder Joe Dillon is born. 
1971: Yomiuri, Orix and Chunichi catcher Yuichi Yanagisawa is born. 
1969: Orix pitcher Dae-sung Koo is born. 
1968: Hiroshima outfielder Kazuhiro Yamauchi becomes the first man in history to play in 2000 career games. 
1967: Yokohama outfielder Takashi Okawa is born. 
1965: Seibu and Yakult pitcher Hisanobu Watanabe is born. 
1957: Chunichi and Kintetsu outfielder Yoshiaki Shimada is born. 
1955: Hiroshima and Seibu pitcher Kazuo Yamane is born. 
1952: Kintetsu outfielder Bambo Rivera is born.
1952: Nippon Ham and Hiroshima pitcher Satoshi Niimi is born. 
1948: Yomiuri catcher Tadashi Yazawa is born.
1940: Lotte outfielder Takayuki Nishida is born. 
1933: Kokutetsu outfielder Katsumi Kobayashi is born.


2001: Tokyo Senators, Tsubasa, Taiyo, Yamato, Tokyu, Mainichi and Kintetsu infielder Hisanori Karita dies at age 91. 
1988: Taiyo racks up at least one hit in every inning but is nonetheless shutout by Chunichi, only the second time in history that has occurred. It hasn’t happened since. 
1981: Hanshin pitcher Koji Okamoto is born. 
1975: Orix outfielder Roosevelt Brown is born. 
1972: Yakult and Nippon Ham outfielder Atsunori Inaba is born. 
1968: Daiei, Hiroshima and Seibu pitcher Kenichi Otsuka is born. 
1966: Hiroshima outfielder Fumio Ishibashi is born. 
1964: Hiroshima and Kintetsu pitcher Satoshi Kurita is born. 
1963: Chunichi, Hiroshima and Daiei outfielder Shingo Motomura is born. 
1962: Yomiuri infielder Kazuaki Ueda is born. 
1960: Hiroshima outifielder Shinji Nishida is born. 
1960: Chunichi pitcher Kunifusa Kurata is born. 
1953: Chunichi and Nankai pitcher Tetsuya Fujisawa is born. 
1949: Hanshin and Nankai infielder Toshio Nogami is born. 
1947: Hanshin and Hankyu pitcher Tomohiro Tanimura is born. 
1944: Nankai pitcher Hideyuki Harada is born. 
1944: Hankyu pitcher Yoshiaki Norose is born. 
1943: Yomiuri pinch hitter Yasuhiro Iwago is born. 
1940: Taiheiyo and Yakult outfielder Roger Repoz is born. 
1940: Hanshin pitcher Hachiro Miwa throws a no hitter against the Tokyo Giants in Dairen, China. 
1925: Yomiuri catcher Jun Hirota is born. 
1922: Hanshin pitcher Eizo Nishina is born. 


2006: Softbank infielder Tadaatsu Nakazawa is hit in the face by a batted ball during pre-game workouts and suffers a fractured nose. 
1995: Kintetsu infielder Kanenori Shimakata dies at age 77.
1982: Yokohama infielder Seiichi Uchikawa isborn. 
1976: Yokohama, Kintetsu and Rakuten pitcher Kazuo Fukumori is born. 
1971: Hiroshima and Seibu infielder Kenichi Takayama is born. 
1967: Yomiuri and Kintetsu outfielder Takeshi Omori is born. 
1960: Chunichi outfielder Yonetoshi Kawamata is born. 
1953: Kintetsu catcher Masataka Nashida is born. 
1953: Kintetsu pitcher Kazuo Onishi is born. 
1949: Orix and Daiei pitcher Yutaro Imai is born. 
1945: Chunichi and Kintetsu pitcher Akira Yano is born.
1943: Hiroshima outfielder Yutaka Kamats is born. 
1942: Hiroshima pitcher Kikuo Sugimoto is born. 
1944: Taiyo pitcher Yasuhide Iwamoto is born. 


2006: Nippon Ham outfielder Atsunori Inaba runs into the rightfield wall facefirst and suffers lacerations and a sprained ankle. 
2002: Lotte closer Masahide Kobyashi racks up his record 17th consecutive save.
1993: Nankai infielder Masaaki Tasaka dies at age 47. 
1978: Hiroshima infielder Yoshinori Ogata is born.
1977: Yakult pitcher Tadashi Honma is born. 
1972: Yomiuri pitcher John Wasdin is born.
1971: Orix pitcher Carlos Pulido is born. 
1969: Daiei and Yokohama pitcher Kenichi Wakatabe is born.
1967: Lotte pitcher Akinori Kobayashi  is born.
1963: Yakult and Kintetsu outfielder Masahiko Goseki is born.
1956: Daiei pitcher Takanori Yamauchi is born. 
1949: Nankai, Seibu and Taiyo infielder Shinsaku Katahira is born. 
1948: Toei outfielder Toshifumi Ogata is born. 
1947: Yomiuri pitcher Toshiharu Usami is born. 
1936: Nankai pitcher Tsugunao Nagamitsu is born. 
1934: Chunichi catcher Fumiya Yamamoto is born. 
1934: Chunichi outfielder Keinosuke Kawasaki is born. 
1924: Nankai pitcher Kaneo Naganuma is born. 


2002: Orix first basemanFernandeo Seguignol unloads a homer of more than 500 feet at Tokyo Dome against Nippon Ham, the ball entering a gap between a billboard at the back of the leftfield bleachers and the roof. 
1986: The Seibu Lions rack up six homers in a single inning against Kintetsu in the eighth inning to set a new pro yakyu record. The Lions were five runs down when Yoshihiro Nishoka belcted one over the fence. Kazuhiro Kiyohara followed with a two run roundtripper and, later on, Hiromichi Ishige, George Vukovich as well as Koji Akiyama and Takuji Ota all mashed balls into the seats. 
1981: Yokohama pitcher Tetsuyuki Muranishi is born. 
1980: Lotte pitcher Yasutomo Kubo is born. 
1977: Nippon Ham pitcher Kosuke Yamaguchi is born. 
1972: Daiei and Kintetsu infielder Shoya Shinzato is born. 
1969: Lotte  pitcher Fumio Hattori is born. 
1968: Hanshin outfielder Kazuteru Yamashita is born. 
1968: Yokohama pitcher Darryl Scott is born. 
1965: Yakult catcher Atsuya Furuta is born. 
1965: Nippon Ham, Hiroshima, Chunichi and Lotte pitcher Hiroshi Tsuno is born. 
1965: Nippon Ham catcher Yuji Nomura is born. 
1960: Kintetsu, Hiroshima and Daiei infielder Hiroshi Moriwaki is born. 
1960: Orix outfielder Minoru Shibahara is born. 
1959: Chunichi pitcher Akira Yonemura is born. 
1955: Yakult pitcher Ron Davis is born. 
1954: Lotte and Taiyo outfielder Yoshitaka Shinya is born.
1949: Hanshin outfielder Mike Rheinbach is born. 
1942: Hankyu outfielder Koshi Yamamoto is born. 
1935: Nankai pitcher Takeshi Ota is born. 
1933: Toei outfielder Hiroyuki Togashi is born. 
1931: Hankyu catcher Ken Yamashita is born. 
1931: Hankyu outfielder Fujiya Naya is born.
1931: Taiyo Whales and Hankyu pitcher Hiroshi Taneda is born.
1930: Daimai outfielder Hiroshi Arakawa is born.
1930: Taiyo pitcher Yoshihiro Kawaguchi is born. 
1928: Hankyu pitcher Mamoru Kubo is born. 
1925: Takahashi pitcher Jim Doole is born. 
1917: Tokyo Senators, Taiyo, Nishitetsu, Hankyu and Chunichi pitcher Akira Noguchi is born. 
1914: Dai Tokyo catcher Tokue Ihara is born. 


2005: Yakult’s consecutive innings hits streak ends at 23, a new pro yakyu record, in a three game sweep of Yomiuri.
1978: Nippon Ham catcher Shinji Takahashi is born. 
1972: Daiei DH Greg Pirkl is born. 
1965: Daiei and Yakult outfielder Shinichi Sato is born. 
1957: Yakult pitcher Takao Obana is born. 
1954: Kintetsu pitcher Noboru Yamashita tosses a no hitter against Takahashi in a 4-0 victory. 
1954: Yomiuri outfielder Yasuyuki Nakai is born. 
1937: Hankyu pitcher Masao Kitai dies suddenly at age 24.
1932: Kintetsu and Nankai infielder Jack Bloomfield is born. 
1932: Yomiuri pitcher Yutaka Kaneyoshi is born. 
1931: Yomiuri pitcher Motoshi Fujita is born. 
1927: Kintetsu, Nankai and Hankyu outfielder Kohei Sugiyama is born. 
1925: Asahi catcher Hiroshi Yoshida is born. 
1923: Hanshin outfielder Katsuji Kojima is born. 
1922: Toei pitcher Robert Alexander is born. 
1913: Hankyu pitcher Masao Kitai is born. 


1986: Nishi Nihon, Nishitetsu and Kintetsu pitcher Kiichiro Nomoto dies at age 64.
1984: Chunichi pitcher Shoji Nagamine is born. 
1982: Yomiuri pitcher Hitoshi Miki is born. 
1972: Yomiuri pitcher Junya Orita is born. 
1962: Seibu and Nankai pitcher Kazuhiro Otsu is born. 
1949: Hanshin outfielder Hideo Kusumoto is born.
1942: Kintetsu and Nishitetsu infielder Seiichi Hirai is born. 
1942: Kintetsu infielder Seiji Kamibayashi is born.
1937: Hanshin outfielder Katsumi Fujimoto is born. 
1936: Taiheiyo Club outfielder Frank Howard is born. 
1935: Daiei Stars pitcher Kunio Yokoyama is born. 
1934: Nishitetsu pitcher Mamoru Nagasaka is born.
1926: Hankyu outfielder Tokio Hatanaka is born. 
1928: Kintetsu catcher Mitsuo Murokawa is born.
1918: Nankai infielder Goro Kobayashi is born. 


2006: Rakuten pitcher Shingo Matsuzaka loses eight straight right out of the box to begin his career, setting a new Pacific League rookie record. 
2006: Yomiuri pitcher Tetsuya Utsumi beans Yakult centerfielder Norichika Aoki and is ejected. 
1996: Hanshin sends 17 batters to the plate in the 12th inning of a game against Yokohama at Yokohama Stadium and registers 11 runs, the most tallies ever in a single inning for an extra inning game. 
1978: Seibu infielder Takahiko Sato is born.
1975: Lotte outfielder Hiromi Oho is born. 
1970: Tokyo Senators, Kyuei, Daiei Stars and Nankai outfielder Shigeya Iijima dies at age 51.
1969: Yomiuri and Lotte pitcher Shigeyori Koharazawa is born. 
1967: Kintetsu and Hanshin pitcher Masaaki Esaka is born. 
1963: Nippon Ham infielder Hiroshi Watanabe is born.
1962: Taiyo pitcher Mitsukuni Takeda is born. 
1959: Taiyo outfielder Jim Adduci is born. 
1957: Lotte, Hiroshima and Daiei infielder Yoshio Mizukami is born. 
1956: Chunichi and Nankai pitcher Hiroji Kaizuka is born. 
1953: Kintetsu slips by Toei 5-4 in 20 innings at Korakuen Stadium. 
1950: Lotte and Hankyu infielder Akira Ichihara is born. 
1946: Taiyo, Lotte, Nippon Ham and Hanshin pitcher Osamu Nomura is born. 
1933: Nishitetsu, Daiei Stars and Daimai pitcher Masao Ota is born. 
1931: Kintetsu outfielder Chuck Essegian is born.
1921: Hankyu catcher Hisayuki Ikeda is born.


2006: Hanshin catcher Akihiro Yano insists that a pitch to Yokohama shortstop Takuro Ishii was fouled off and wasn’t a wild pitch that allowed the runner to score from second. The umpire doesn’t change his call and Yano bumps him, resulting in an ejection. He was subsequently suspended for a game. 
1979: Hiroshima infielder Hideharu Hyodo is born. 
1973: Kintetsu and Rakuten outfielder Fumitoshi Takano is born. 
1971: Yokohama pitcher Ryuichi Kawahara is born. 
1970: Yakult, Orix and Rakuten pitcher Hisashi Ogura is born.
1963: Yakult outfielder Jerald Clark is born. 
1955: Lotte pitcher Hiromasa Sato is born. 
1954: Seibu infielder Osamu Kaneshiro is born. 
1951: Kintetsu outfielder Shigeru Kurihashi is born. 
1936: Hanshin pitcher Masayuki Umemoto is born. 
1935: Hiroshima pitcher Kiyoshi Yamada is born. 
1931: Kokutetsu outfielder Takao Sato is born. 
1930: Yomiuri outfielder Tatsuma Igarashi is born. 
1925: Yomiuri catcher Yoshio Kimura is born. 
1921: Eagles and Yamato infielder Kohei Kimura is born. 
1919: Kintetsu pitcher Mitsuro Sawafuji is born.
1917: Osaka Tigers pitcher Shoichi Aoki is born.


1996: Chunichi pitcher Shigeki Noguchi throws a no hitter. 
1991: Hiroshima closer Yutaka Ono throws one pitch and gets a save against Hanshin. It was also his 500th career appearance. 
1981: Orix infielder Makoto Moriyama is born. 
1977: Yomiuri pitcher Hiroshi Sato is born. 
1976: Nippon Ham pitcher Tatsuhito Kato is born. 
1975: Daiei pitcher Tomohiro Nagai is born. 
1973: Nippon Ham catcher Nobuaki Arai is born. 
1972: Nippon Ham pitcher Kazuyuki Atsuzawa was born. 
1966: Nippon Ham pitcher Ryoichi Ueoka is born. 
1965: Chunichi pitcher Masa Yamamoto is born. 
1963: Daiei infielder Motoyasu Wakai is born. 
1963: Hanshin star pitcher Minoru Murayama comes on in relief against Yomiuri and goes 2-2 to the first man he faced, Yoshiyuki Ikezawa. On the fifth pitch of the at bat, the uumpire calla it a ball. Murayama goes bananas and is ejected without officially facing a batter despite having already made five pitches. 
1950: Taiyo and Lotte pitcher Hideyuki Okue is born. 
1944: Nankai and Hiroshima outfielder Takeshi Shibata is born. 
1940: The Osaka Tigers edge Hankyu 1-0 in just 56 minutes, a then record for a nine inning game. Three other games in subsequent years would equal that, all of them 1-0 battles, until it was eclipsed in 1946.


2006: Hiroshima pitcher Kan Otake hits Yomiuri shortstop Tomohiro Nioka in the throat with a delivery and is ejected under the dangerous pitch tule. Nioka suffered a bruise.
2006: Yokohama shortstop Takuro Ishii sets a new team record with 2082 lifetime hits. 
2002: Seibu pitcher Chang Chia-chiah sets a new record by striking out at last one man in 28 consecutive innings during a game against Lotte at Chiba Marine Stadium, eclipsing the old mark of 23 held by both Yutaka Enatsu (Hanshin, 1968) and Isamu Kida (Nippon Ham, 1980).
2001: Hanshin slips by Chunichi 1-0 at Nagoya Dome for its 4,000th win as a franchise. 
2000: Taiyo pitcher Noboru Akiyama dies at age 66.
1994: Orix pitcher Koji Noda strikes out 17 against Kintetsu at Kobe Green Stadium, tying a then record held by two others. 
1991: Tokyu pitcher Shigeru Tsunemi dies at age 68. 
1985: Hiroshima catcher Motoaki Takeshita dies at age 47.
1983: Softbank pitcher Yasushi Kamiuchi is born. 
1983: Rakuten pitcher Koji Aoyama is born. 
1981: Rakuten infielder Makoto Moriyama is born. 
1980: Hiroshima pitcher Shuhei Yano is born. 
1980: Nippon Ham outfielder Toshimasa Konta is born. 
1977: Seibu and Daiei pitcher Kiyotaka Koishizawa is born. 
1976: Chunichi pitcher Naoki Imoto is born. 
1972: Chunichi pitcher Takahiro Kanamori is born. 
1972: Lotte and Hanshin pitcher Hiroaki Kawamata is born. 
1971: Daiei outfielder Takayuki Nishijima is born. 
1966: Lotte pitcher Dean Hartgraves is born. 
1963: Chunichi and Daiei pitcher Manabu Saito is born. 
1957: Nippon Ham outfielder Hiromori Wada is born.
1953: Nankai, Yomiuri and Kintetsu outfielder Masao Yamamoto was born. 
1948: Kintetsu and Yomiuri infielder Shigeru Ishiwata is born. 
1948: Nankai, Yakult and Hanshin pitcher Koichi Nakayama is born. 
1947: Toei infielder Yutaka Kamano is born.
1946: Nishitetsu pitcher Hiromi Nawata is born.
1937: Hanshin pitcher Gene Bacque is born. 
1906: Hankyu manager Minoru Murakami is born. 


1990: Orix annouunces that it will be using Kobe Green Stadium as its home ballpark, forsaking deteriorating Nishinomiya Stadium, their previous home for almost all of their history. 
1978: Yokohama pitcher Shigeo Inamine is born. 
1972: Yomiuri and Nippon Ham pitcher Yusaku Iriki is born. 
1970: Chunichi and Yokohama pitcher Eddie Gaillard is born. 
1963: Kintetsu pitcher Dennis Powell is born. 
1962: Nippon Ham outfielder Fumihiko Sato is born. 
1955: Lotte catcher Hidetoshi Hakamada is born. 
1945: Kintetsu outfielder Akiyo Kinjo is born. 
1940: Kintetsu outfielder Tatsuo Edo is born. 
1935: Taiyo pitcher Masami Sekiguchi is born. 
1933: Nishitetsu infielder Nobuyoshi Kitagawa is born. 
1912: Nagoya infielder Tadashi Goto is born. 


2009: Former Yomiuri infielder Shojiro Namba dies of heart failure. 
1991: Yakult pitcher Tsutomu Yamada walks five in an inning against Hanshin to tie a Central League record. 
1956: The Chunichi Dragons throw their fourth shutout in a row to tie a pro yakyu record. 
1952: Yomiuri pitcher Katsuyoshi Shiotsuki is born. 
1944: Hankyu outfielder Den Yamada bats leadoff and pitches in a game against Sangyo. 
1942: Hanshin and Yakult outfielder Yoshiaki Kushiro is born. 
1941: Chunichi pitcher Saburo Takeya is born. 
1941: Yomiuri pitcher Seiji Saito is born. 
1940: Kokutetsu and Nishitetsu catcher Yoshitaka Okamoto is born. 
1931: Hanshin and Nankai catcher Kazuo Ishigaki is born.
1916: Osaka Tigers infielder Fumio Fujimura is born. 
1920: Tsubasa, Taiyo, Goldstar and Chunichi pitcher Tsuneo Mitomi is born. 


2007: Former Chunichi catcher Toshiaki Sakai dies at age 73 of a cerebral hemmorhage. 
2006: Hanshin leftfielder Tomoaki Kanemoto reaches 1000 straight games in which he has played in every inning. 
1998: Yomiuri infielder Masahiro Kawai sets a new record for career sac bunts with his 452nd. 
1995: Kintetsu and Chunichi outfielder Masahiro Nakane dies at age 40 of lung cancer. 
1983: Seibu infielder Takeya Nakamura is botn.
1978: Chunichi pitcher Santiago Ramirez was born. 
1977: Orix catcher Takeshi Hidaka is born.
1976: Daiei pitcher Kazuhiko Iijima is born. 
1974: Hanshin pitcher Ramon Morel is born.
1973: Kintetsu and Yomiuri pitcher Toshihiro Seo is born. 
1970: Chunichi outfielder Lee Jong-beom is born. 
1968: Seibu and Daiei pitcher Tomoyuki Uchiyama is born. 
1963: Chunichi pitcher Yoshinobu Chin is born. 
1962: Lotte and Chunichi outfielder Takeshi Aiko is born. 
1960: Hanshin, Daiei and Chunichi outfielder Hisashi Ono is born. 
1952: Kintetsu outfielder Craig Ryan is born.
1949: Kintetsu infielder Terry Hankins is born. 
1949: Hanshin catcher Chunichi Oshima is born. 
1946: Kintetsu first baseman Joe Lis is born.
1939: Yomiuri infielder Masami Nishiyama is born. 
1937: Toei and Yomiuri pitcher Kenshiro Saga is born. 
1934: Hiroshima infielder Shinkichi Harada is born. 
1934: Chunichi outfielder Yoshifumi Suzuki is born. 
1934: Kintetsu outfielder Bob Jenkins is born. 
1930: Daimai outfielder Koichiro Numazawa is born.
1928: Taiyo pitcher Shigeo Kubo is born.
1922: Tokyo Giants infielder Shigeo Koike is born.
1919: Daiei Stars pitcher Toshio Takamatsu is born.


2006: Orix outfielder Karim Garcia argued balls and strikes with the plate umpire and was ejected. He was later fined 50,000 yen and given a written reprimand. 
1986: Nippon Ham pitcher Yu Darvish is born. 
1985: Seibu outfielder Kenta Matsusaka is born. 
1983: Chunichi infielder Ryota Arai is born. 
1974: Orix and Chunichi pitcher Masahiro Kimura is born.
1972: Yakult pitcher Atsushi Ibayashi is born. 
1969: Lotte pitcher Fumio Narita throws a no hitter against Nankai in the second game of  a doubleheader against Hankyu at Nishinomiya Stadium for a 1-0 victory. 
1961: Taiyo infielder Yoshiaki Hino is born. 
1957: Taiyo and Lotte outfielder Toru Takenouchi is born. 
1956: Nankai and Yomiuri outfielder Keisuke Okamoto is born. 
1953: Hiroshima pitcher Shinichi Takagi is born. 
1947: The Yomiuri Giants lace four triples in the third inning of a game to set a record for most three baggers in a single turn at bat. 
1931: Kintetsu infielder Dick Pariene is born. 
1915: Nagoya Golden Dolphins outfielder Tsunesuke Sasaki is born. 


2007: Former Nankai, Takahashi and Daiei Stars outfielder Kazuhiro Kuroda dies at age 82. 
2002: Yomiuri outfielder Hideki Matsui surges to the top in the three Triple Crown categories during a game with Chunichi. 
1983: Rakuten pitcher Shingo Matsuzaki is born. 
1974: Seibu infielder Jeff Liefer is born. 
1972: Hanshin pitcher Roberto Ramirez is born. 
1967: Nippon Ham pitcher Yasushi Funayama is born. 
1960: Yomiuri and Seibu pitcher Ko Okamoto is born. 
1953: Seibu, Nippon Ham and Taiyo pitcher Hiroshi Kimura is born. 
1952: Hanshin infielder Junshi Watanabe is born. 
1950: Hiroshima and Yakult pitcher Kazunori Seto is born. 
1948: The first night game is played at Yokohama Gehrig Stadium (known as Yokohama Stadium nowadays) between Yomiuri and Chunichi and the latter takes it 3-2. 
1947: Lotte, Yomiuri and Taiheiyo Club pitcher Ryunosuke Kawato is born. 
1944: Hanshin pitcher Hachiro Miwa dies at age 22 in combat in China during WWII. 
1944: Hiroshima and Hanshin infielder Sohachi Aniya was born. 
1944: Hiroshima and Nankai pitcher Katsuhiro Jono is born. 
1943: Hankyu infielder Taira Sumitomo is born. 
1943: Tokyu pinch hitter Nagateru Yasuda is born.
1940: Nishitetsu infielder Hidenori Tamai is born. 
1936: Hanshin catcher Hideo Taki is born. 
1936: Nishitetsu outfielder Yoji Tamatsukuri is born.
1932: Hiroshima pitcher Katsumi Iwai is born. 


2006: Lotte closer Masahide Kobayashi becomes the third man in Japanese baseball history to have mustered 200 career saves. 
1977: Yakult outfielder Ryuji Miyade is born.
1976: Lotte and Yomiuri infielder Seung-yeop Lee is born.
1975: Tokyo Giants catcher Takeshi Nakayama dies at age 59.
1969: Nippon Ham pitcher Hiroshi Shibakusa is born.
1967: Seibu, Yomiuri and Orix infielder Kazuhiro Kiyohara is born.
1966: Lotte infielder Hideaki Watanabe is born.
1965: Hanshin and Orix pitcher Tsutomu Tamura is born. 
1961: Yakult and Yomiuri infielder Jack Howell is born.
1959: Lotte catcher Susumu Momoi is born.
1955: Chunichi wins its 15th in a row to tie a Central League record. 
1951: Hiroshima, Yomiuri, Lotte and Nippon Ham pitcher Susumu Omata is born. 
1949: Toei outfielder Hiroshi Oshita slams a pitch completely out of Sapporo Maruyama Stadium to right in the bottom of the ninth in a game against the Daiei Stars off of Masaaki Noguchi and the ball lands amid a bunch of Chunichi players who were going through a pre-game drill before the second game of a scheduled twin bill. Noguchi estimated that the shot went more than 550 feet. 
1946: Nishitetsu pitcher Masaaki Ikenaga is born.
1942: Yomiuri outfielder Hideo Yahata is born. 
1936: Daimai, Yomiuri and Nankai outfielder Toshio Yanagita is born. 
1936: Taiyo and Chunichi infielder Yukio Shimada is born. 
1935: Daimai outfielder Hitoshi Otake is born. 
1933: Mainichi infielder Motoi Hashimoto is born. 
1920: Hankyu infielder Sadao Morita is born.


2006: Seibu beats Softbank 8-1 for its 2000th win after buying the team in 1978. 
2006: Yokohama rightfielder Tatsuhiko Kinjo homers from both sides of the plate. 
1999: Hankyu pitcher Eiji Shibata dies at age 68.
1984: Lotte pitcher Keita Asama is born. 
1981: Chunichi pitcher Takuhiro Fukuzawa is born. 
1977: Yokohama pitcher Matt White is born. 
1970: Chunichi and Daiei pitcher Masahito Higashi is born.
1969: Lotte infielder Matt Franco is born.
1969: Yokohama and Chunichi infielder Tyrone Woods is born. 
1969: Chunichi infielder Kazuyoshi Tatsunami is born.
1965: Yakult and Taiyo catcher Shinji Fujieda is born.
1962: Seibu, Chunici and Lotte pitcher Kazuyuki Ono is born. 
1958: Yomiuri and Nippon Ham infielder Kazumi Nishimoto is born. 
1955: Yakult outfielder Terry Harper is born. 
1952: Nippon Ham outfielder Akihiko Hidaka is born. 
1951: A lit cigarette drops through a crack in the wooden bleachers behind home plate at Chunichi Stadium in the bottom of the third inning on a windy afternoon during a faceoff between the Dragons and the Yomiuri Giants and into a dumpster full of paper, setting off a fire that destroyed half the ballpark along with four nearby houses and three factories. Three people in the capacity crowd of 35,000 died and another 68 were critically injured. The game, of course, was cancelled and the Dragons had to scramble around to play their remaining home games in various other ballparks.  The stadium was rebuilt, this time using concrete and steel, and it reopened. Ironically, though, there would be another fire in 1990 there, though. 
1935: Toei infielder Masao Inagaki is born. 
1918: Hankyu catcher Katsumi Oki is born. 


2006: Hiroshima pitcher Mike Romano beans Yokohama outfielder Masaaki Koike and is ejected. He thus became the first man ever in Central League history to be tossed out three times in a season. That also tied a pro yakyu record. 
1999: Daiei outfielder Koji Akiyama and third baseman Hiroki Kokubo belt grand slam homers in the same inning against Nippon Ham at Fukuoka Dome, only the second time in NPB history that has occurred. 
1992: Hanshin outfielder Masayoshi Sakata dies at age 64.
1983: Lotte pitcher Tokinari Nishina has a no hitter with two outs in the ninth against Kintetsu, but the next batter gets a hit to foil it.
1979: Chunichi pitcher Franklyn Gracesqui is born. 
1973: Orix and Nippon Ham pitcher Jun Hagiwara is born.
1970: Chunichi outfielder Tadahiko Irei is born. 
1967: In a game with Hiroshima at Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, Hanshin outfielder Kazuhiro Yamauchi gets to 3501 career total bases, setting a new pro yakyu record. 
1957: Seibu and Nippon Ham pitcher Yasumitsu Shibata is born. 
1946: Hanshin pitcher Hirotoshi Koketsu is born. 
1946: Central League umpire Takeji Kobayashi is born. 
1942: Taiyo catcher Tadao Yamada is born. 
1926: Hanshin infielder Michiyoshi Nakano is born. 
1924: Kokutetsu pitcher Midori Nakagawa is born. 
1918: Yomiuri pitcher Yoneo Yashima is born. 
1916: Hankyu and Nagoya outfielder Kiyohide Shide is born.
1914: Kokutetsu outfielder Soichi Fujita is born. 


1982: Hanshin pitcher Masashi Sajikihara is born. 
1980: Hiroshima infielder Ahihiro Higashide is born. 
1980: Chunichi pitcher Masato Kobayashi is born. 
1977: Daiei pitcher Soji Tanaka is born. 
1977: Yomiuri pitcher Satoshi Kobayashi is born. 
1968: Kintetsu, Yomiuri and Orix outfielder Tuffy Rhodes is born. 
1966: Taiyo pitcher Masakatsu Shirai is born. 
1957: Kintetsu infielder Masakazu Mitsui is born.
1957: Kokutetsu pitcher Masaichi Kaneda tosses a perfect game against Chunichi at Chunichi Stadium, the fourth man in history to do that. 
1947: Chunichi outfielder Yoshiya Morita is born. 
1943: Taiyo infielder Felix Millan is born.
1943: Lotte and Nankai outfielder Susumu Satomi is born. 
1938: Tokyo Orions infielder Shinji Kurataka is born.
1936: Mainichi infielder Manabu Kawai is born. 
1916: Osaka Tigers and Hankyu pitcher Shogo Hashimoto is born. 


2006: The Yomiuri organizatin fires an employee accused of selling team goods with forged signatures on them on internet auction sites. 
1998: Hanshin pitcher Minoru Murayama dies at age 61.
1982: Yakult pitcher Hidenori Itoh is born. 
1981: Nankai, Taiyo, Kintetsu and Daiei Stars outfielder Yutaka Tagawa dies at age 62. 
1975: Nippon Ham and Yomiuri pitcher Hayato Nakamura is born. 
1969: Tokyu pitcher Hiyutaro Akaneya dies at age 53.
1966: Yokohama pitcher Fumiki Ishida is born.
1963: Seibu outfielder Darrin Jackson is born. 
1961: Nippon Ham pitcher Manabu Tanaka is born. 
1952: Lotte, Taiyo and Seibu ptcher Toru Hamaura is born.
1951: Kintetsu outfielder Ike Hampton is born. 
1947: Taiyo and Nippon Ham pitcher Takashi Sugiyama is born. 
1941: Nankai infielder Masahiro Imamura is born. 
1936: Nishitetsu and Yomiuri pitcher Tadao Wako is born. 
1936: Hiroshima and Nankai infielder Takeshi Koba is born. 
1933: Hanshin and Tokyo Orions outfielder Kazuyoshi Nishiyama is born. 
1933: Nankai catcher Hideo Kotsuji is born. 
1930: Nishitetsu infielder Akinobu Kono is born. 
1927: Central League umpire Tomoichi Tanimura is born.
1924: Hanshin outfielder Jun Togashi is born. 
1924: Kokutetsu infielder Tsuyoshi Iwase is born. 
1920: Kokutetsu infielder Yuichi Fukuda is born. 


2006: Hiroshima manager Marty Brown is ejected for the third time this season during a game against Hanshin at Hiroshima Municipal Stadium for arguing balls and strikes, a new Central League single season mark for field bosses getting the gate. 
2002: Yakult infielder Shiro Takegami dies at age 61.
1983: Nippon Ham infielder Takayuki Takaguchi is born. 
1980: Kintetsu and Orix pitcher Yusuke Kurita is born. 
1979: Hanshin and Nishitetsu pitcher Etsuo Nagai dies at age 36.
1976: Yomiuri and Kintetsu pitcher Hitoshi Ono is born. 
1975: Hanshin, Nippon Ham and Yomiuri pitcher Masashi Date is born. 
1975: Daiei Stars and Shochiku infielder Torao Ooka dies at age 63. 
1969: Yokohama pitcher Hideki Igarashi is born.
1962: Hanshin and Daiei outfielder Katsunori Tomari is born. 
1961: Lotte infielder Julio Franco is born. 
1950: Kokutetsu rookie lefthander Masaichi Kaneda makes his debut in a game against Hiroshima at Matsuyama in the eighth inning. He gives up the winning run and is hung with the defeat. 
1948: Nippon Ham and Hanshin pitcher Toshoku Uda is born. 
1945: Taiheiyo Club pitcher Akira Izumisawa is born. 
1936: Hiroshima pitcher Kenji Katata is born. 
1933: Yomiuri, Daiei Stars and Daimai pitcher Masayoshi Miura is born. 
1929: Hiroshima pitcher Nobuyoshi Watanabe is born. 
1924: Asahi and Goldstar outfielder Noriaki Tanaka is born.
1922: Hanshin outfielder Yasuo Takayama is born.


1999: Orix wins its 4,000th game in a decision against Nippon Ham at Toyama, that figure dating back to the Hankyu days of 1936. They are just the second bgallclub to that mark. 
1997: Kintetsu goes down by ten after two innings to Lotte at Osaka Dome, but scratch their way back to prevail in extra innings 11-10. 
1976: Kintetsu pitcher Shinji Udaka is born. 
1978: Yakult pitcher Kosuke Matsui is born. 
1974: Lotte pitcher Jeff Kubenka is born. 
1972: Hanshin pitcher Kurt Miller is born.
1964: Nippon Ham pitcher Kip Gross is born. 
1961: Taiyo and Hiroshima infielder Toshio Choshi is born. 
1957: Seibu and Nippon Ham pitcher Takayuki Suzuki is born. 
1956: Daiei infielder Tony Bernazard is born. 
1953: Yomiuri pitcher Luis Samchez is born.
1948: Osaka pitcher Tadayoshi Kajioka tosses a no hitter against Nankai at Meiji Jingu Stadium. 
1946: Yomiuri infielder Yuichi Yabe is born. 
1935: Kintetsu pitcher Tsutomu Kitano is born. 
1934: Hankyu pitcher Chikao Kitamura is born. 
1932: Shochiku and Hiroshima catcher Yasutaka Kanzaki is born. 


2006: Rakuten starter Kanehisa Arime goes all the way on 188 pitches in a 1-1 12 inning tie with Lotte at Miyagi Prefectural Stadium. 
1979: Orix pitcher Tomoya Kawaguchi is born. 
1976: Softbank pitcher Pedro Feliciano is born. 
1972: Kintetsu infielder Andy Abad is born. 
1972: Softbank infielder Mitsuru Honma is born. 
1971: Seibu pitcher Takashi Ishii is born. 
1970: Yokohama infielder Takuro Ishii is born. 
1965: Taiyo infielder Kenji Itakura is born. 
1952: Yakult infielder Susumu Watanabe is born.
1942: Daimai and Kintetsu pitcher Katsumi Inoue is born.
1939: Taiyo pitcher Gentaro Shimada is born.
1936: Mainichi catcher Teruaki Muto is born.
1935: Takahashi catcher Mitsuo Oi is born. 
1924: Yomiuri and Chunichi pitcher Nobuaki Miyashita is born.
1922: Nagoya Golden Dolphins, Taiyo, Yomiuri and Hiroshima infielder Takenori Yamakawa is born. 
1920: Nankai pitcher Masao Nakamoto is born.
1912: Nankai first baseman Kinji Nakamura is born. 


2006: Rakuten starter Ryan Glynn strikes out seven Lotte itters consecutively, tying a record for foreign pitchers. 
2002: Seibu pitcher Fumiya Nishiguchi has a no hitter going with two outs in the ninth inning against Lotte at Seibu Dome, but Lotte shortstop Makoto Kosaka singles to center to break it up. It ended as a 6-0 shutout. 
1995: Orix pitcher Yoshinori Sato throws a no hitter against Kintetsu at Fujiidera Stadium. In addition, at 40 years and 11 months, he was the oldest to ever do it. 
1994: Orix outfielder Ichiro Suzuki reaches base safely in a game against Kintetsu,  his 68th consecutive game doing that, seeting a then pro yakyu record. 
1983: Lotte infielder Toshiaki Imae is born. 
1982: Softbank pitcher Hideaki Takahashi is born. 
1979: Hiroshima pitcher Hiroto Tanaka is born. 
1978: Hanshin infielder Kentaro Sekimoto is born. 
1973: Hanshin and Lotte pitcher Satoshi Funaki is born. 
1970: Nippon Ham and Daiei catcher Masanori Taguchi is born. 
1967: Hiroshima pitcher Shinji Sasaoka is born. 
1967: Seibu outfielder Koji Otsuka is born. 
1965: Kintetsu and Seibu outfielder Takayuki Murakami is born. 
1951: Taiyo infielder Nobuo Osawa cracks a Central League record six hits in a game. 
1942: Taiyo pitcher Mototada Miyazaki is born. 
1941: Nankai infielder Tadashi Suzuki is born. 
1937: Hiroshima catcher Motoaki Takeshita is born. 
1934: Hiroshima infielder Tadashi Higaki is born. 
1926: Yomiuri outfielder Tadahiko Mizuno is born. 


1981: Yomiuri pitcher Kazuaki Minami is born. 
1977: Lotte pitcher Justin Miler is born. 
1976: Lotte pitcher Shunsuke Watanabe is born.
1976: Nippon Ham pitcher Tomokazu Iba is born. 
1974: Seibu and Yomiuri pitcher Mitsutaka Goto is born. 
1970: Orix infielder Takashi Toba is born. 
1963: Kintetsu, Chunichi and Seibu infielder Yoshiaki Kanemura is born. 
1962: Yokohama, Orix and Lotte pitcher Takashi Watabe is born. 
1960: Seibu pitcher Seiji Kurohara is born. 
1959: Yakult infielder Takehiko Tanaka is born. 
1951: Yakult outfielder Keiichi Ikuta is born.
1951: Hanshin outfielder Noriyoshi Sano is born. 
1945: Nankai infielder Tatsuhiko Tanaka is born. 
1938: Kokutetsu pitcher Isao Shimatani is born.
1936: Nankai outfielder Yoshinori Hirose is born. 
1934: Hiroshima infielder Hirohito Kikuchi is born.
1933: Hiroshima pitcher Jiro Hayashi is born. 
1931: Daiei Stars catcher Michio Kawakami is born. 
1926: Hankyu pitcher Alvin Spearman is born. 
1921: Nankai outfielder Tadashi Araki is born. 


2006: It is revealed that Yokohama manager Kazuhiko Ushijima will step down after season’s end. 
1991: Yokohama pitcher Kazuhiro Sasaki strikes out the side on nine pitches in the ninth inning of a game against Hiroshima (thr three hitters were Tatsukawa, Hara and Oto) and then topped it off by striking out the tough Tomonori Maeda on three pitches to start the tenth. In that ninth, none of the hitters had so much as a foul off of him. It had been 13 years since a pitcher had fanned a trio in the same frame on nine deliveries. Only one man has done it twice during his career, Kajimoto. 
1971: Seibu and Daiei outfielder Katsuhiko Miyaji is born. 
1970: Yomiuri pitcher Kazutaka Nishiyama is born. 
1966: Kintetsu and Yokohama outfielder Hitoshi Nakane is born.
1957: Orix and Yomiuri outfielder Terumitsu Kumano is born. 
1952: Nippon Ham outfielder Mitsuo Sugano is born. 
1941: Hiroshima pitcher Takuro Morikawa is born. 
1936: Nankai pitcher Yoshio Tazawa is born. 
1936: Hiroshima outfielder Tony Gonzalez is born. 
1936: Kintetsu pitcher Tsutomu Kuroda is born. 
1934: Takahashi pitcher Mitsuru Tamura is born. 
1923: Tokyu pitcher Fumiya Tsuta is born. 
1923: Sangyo outfielder Takeshi Suhara is born. 
1919: Chunichi outfielder Tokuzo Harada is born. 
1914: Nagoya Golden Dolphins, Osaka Tigers and Asahi infielder Shuzo Hirota is born. 


2006: Orix DH Kazuhiro Kiyohara belts a walkoff homer against Seibu to set new Japan records for lifetime sayonara blasts and total walkoff hits with 12 and 20 respectively. 
1984: Dai Tokyo, Lion and Shochiku outfielder Noriichi Mizutani dies at age 73.
1973: Hiroshima pitcher Koji Hiroike is born. 
1962: Seibu catcher Tsutomu Itoh is born. 
1959: Nippon Ham outfielder Shinichi Igarashi is born. 
1959: Yakult infielder Keichi Shibui is born. 
1957: Taiyo infielder Nouyuki Hikiji’s consecutive games played streak reaches 708, at the time the fourth longest in history. 
1954: Yakult pitcher Koji Torihara is born. 
1953: Nishitetsu infielder Futoshi Nakanishi slugs what was then the longest homer in Japanese history when he lines a pitch up in the zone from submariner Giichi Hayashi in the sixth inning beyond the second deck in leftcenter at Heiwadai Stadium, a blast estimated at more than 520 feet, in a game against the Daiei Stars.
1953: The first ever televised Japanese pro baseball game occurs, a contest between Osaka and Yomiuri at Korakuen Stadium on NTV. 
1950: Yakult infielder Doug DeCinces is born. 
1950: Nishitetsu outfielder Akira Takahashi is born. 
1946: Taiheiyo Club outfielder Masayoshi Nakamura is born. 
1946: Taiyo and Yomiuri infielder John Sipin is born. 
1941: Hanshin pitcher Toshiyoshi Murakami is born.
1939: Kintetsu and Sankei outfielder Masaaki Suzaki is born. 
1925: Hanshin, Goldstar, Hankyu, Hiroshima and Kintetsu infielder Osamu Takechi is born. 
1923: Hanshin and Nankai pitcher Hiroshi Nakahara is born. 


2006: Nippon Ham pitcher Tomoya Yagi wins his tenth against Rakuten to become the first rookie Fighters hurler in 16 years to reach double figures. 
1977: Yomiuri outfielder Shunsuke Hara is born
1977: Softbank pitcher Akira Matsumoto is born.
1973: Hanshin pitcher Yutaka Enatsu throws an 11 inning no hitter at Koshien Stadium and belts a sayonara homer to win it 1-0. 
1971: Seibu and Hiroshima outfielder Jun Yamada is born.
1965: Daiei and Seibu pitcher Keiji Kimura is born. 
1965: Yakult pitcher Kensei Kaku is born.
1963: Kintetsu pitcher Masao Koyama is born. 
1962: Lotte infielder Shigeru Shimada is born. 
1959: Hiroshima pitcher Shigefumi Tanabe is born. 
1959: Seibu and Taiyo outfielder Yukiichi Komazaki is born. 
1957: Yakult and Nippon Ham outfielder Junji Ogawa is born. 
1957: Hiroshima and Yokohama outfielder Takashi Osanai is born. 
1955: Hiroshima pitcher Yutaka Ono is born. 
1952: Yakult pitcher Kenichi Kajima is born. 
1943: Taiyo, Kintetsu and Nankai pitcher Koichiro Sasaki is born. 
1933: Nishitetsu and Hiroshima pitcher Hisafumi Kawamura is born. 
1925: Nishitetsu outfielder George Wikson is born. 


1999: Yomiuri infielder Tomohiro Nioka belts the 7000th homer in team history at Tokyo Dome against Chunichi off of Kenshin Kawakami. 
1998: Hanshin pitcher Shozo Watanabe dies at age 65.
1981: Hiroshima pitcher Ramon Ramirez is born. 
1978: Hankyu pitcher Yutaro Imai throws a perfect game against Lotte, the 14th perfecto in history.
1970: Yakult pitcher Tatsuki Yamamoto is born. 
1968: Kintetsu pitcher Hideo Nomo is born. 
1961: Lotte pitcher Mike Hartley is born. 
1957: Hanshin and Lotte infielder Kazumasa Fujikura is born.
1951: Taiheiyo Club and Kintetsu pitcher Yutaka Yanagida is born. 
1949: Hankyu and Hanshin infielder Masami Owada is born. 
1938: Hiroshima outfielder Hyogo Yamamoto is born. 
1916: Hankyu outfielder Tokuyuki Hidaka is born. 
1915: Osaka Tigers, Dai Tokyo, Asahi and Goldstar pitcher Yoshio Kikuya is born. 
1912: Dai Tokyo pinch hitter Katsumi Tezuka is born. 
1901: Pacific League umpire Nobuaki Nidegawa is born. He was famous for his statement to Nishitetsu manager Osamu Mihara, “I am the rule book.”