About This Site

I started this site to do two things: one, it gave me more control over the visual presentation of my data and articles than I had at Baseball Guru.com. Two, I wanted to create a historical database to inform those new to Japanese pro baseball about the sport’s past and the characters who made it happen.

Right now, I’m in the second year (going on three) of a what is likely to be at least five year long project of organizing statistics and biographical material while also endeavoring to write articles on the day to day happenings in NPB. It is a huge undertaking made necessary only because the Japanese leagues have dropped the ball by not presenting them to the english speaking audience themselves. Given the march of globalization and the average baseball fan’s hunger for statistics and stories, that omission is a shortsighted blunder too typical of the manner in which the leagues there are run.

I enjoy doing this immensely and hope that you all find it an informative and useful tool.

It was also created as a compliment to what Michael Westbay is doing at Japanese Baseball.com and Jim Albright’s expert statistical analyses at Baseball Guru.com. In addition, I recomend that you visit Sergei Borisov’s excellent site for a deeper menu of recent Japanese baseball statistical breakdowns.