2 World’s Best Baseball Player of All Time

Every type of sport always has a story behind the players. These players became legendary carrying the name of the team, country to the sport they were involved in. Being a player or athlete is not easy there are various kinds of taboos or rules that should not be violated.

Moreover, during the life of an athlete only knows to practice, practice and practice. Until a figurative ‘time is money’ appears which means don’t ever waste your time on useless things. Without training an athlete will lose energy, concentration or even stamina to fight for victory.

Jackie And Berra

The success of an athlete is always identified with victories, champions and awards. Wealth or the results of the victory is only a reward for the success that can be achieved. Sometimes an athlete can become a star / famous is a bonus for fighting for first place. Indeed, everyone wants to be first and doesn’t want to be defeated, but if victory is the limit of life’s achievement target, it will only boomerang for yourself. Many world athletes are affected by such application.

In achieving success, they struggle to the death to practice to their last blood in order to gain recognition from the people around them. This article will not discuss the life goals of world athletes, but will provide insight into the world’s legendary baseball players of all time.

Jack “Jackie” Roosevelt

Jack Roosevelt

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in 1919 in Cairo, Georgia to a family of peasants. His mother, Marie Robinson, raised Jackie and four other children with one hand. They were the only black family in their block, and the prejudices they encountered only strengthened their bond. From their humble beginnings, the first baseball players to break through the color barriers of Major League Baseball, which had separated sports for over 50 years, have grown.

The legendary baseball players from around the world are first, Jack Roosevelt Robinson, better known as Jackie, a baseball player from the New York Yankees team. First introduced himself as a baseball player in Major League Baseball in 1945 with the Kansas City Monarch team.

Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra

Major League Baseball at that time was held in the Negro Leagues. Second, Yogi Berra from the New York Yankees team is famous for his valuable role as the top scorer in the World Series championship, amounting to 10 rings. In addition, he always managed to bring his team as the first champion in Major League Baseball in a row.

Yogi Berra has always managed to enter the Major League Baseball All Star Game competition 15 times and his fame has won the MVP title almost three times throughout world history as a baseball player. In 2015, to be exact, Tuesday, September 22, Yogi Berra closed his 90th year and left behind various histories of achieving awards as a talented baseball player during his lifetime. Third, Babe Ruth with his real name George Herman Ruth Jr., a famous American baseball player who played for three different teams from 1914 to 1935.

He was born on February 6, 1895 and died on August 16, 1948. His achievements are best known by the public is always scoring in every game for 22 seasons. Every time he appeared as a hitter he managed to score a homerun, RBI, OBP and the highest percentage of strokes. Early in his career Babe Ruth worked with the Boston Red Sox, then in 1919 was sold and forced to join the New York Yankees club. His brilliant winning streak led Babe Ruth as an influential and legendary baseball player of all time.

The presence of every famous baseball player is not always immediately brilliant. In this fame, baseball players always try and struggle beyond their limits to attract the attention of others or for the sake of their team’s victory. So, a struggle will then be paid with fame and abundant wealth for additional jobs outside of the main job. Inevitably, all players from various sports consider the athlete profession as a job that produces wealth.